School of Rural, Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering (SRSGE)

5th Summer Camp of the Greek Sustainable School

Prof. Maria Papadopoulou participated as a keynote speaker at the 5th Summer Camp of the Greek Sustainable School that was held on 1-2 July 2024 by the Elliniki Etaireia Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage (ELLET).

The topic of her speech was: “The challenge of water resources management under the prism of climate change: Modifications via tools and cooperations”.

Prof. Papadopoulou focused at the rational management of water, energy and food, at the holistic approach to topics that emerge within the prediction that by 2050 the energy demand will be almost double worldwide, that the water demand is estimated to be increased approximately 50%, and the food demand as well.

Furthermore she stongly mentioned that the social endurance should be supported as well as the adaptation to climate change should be enlightened through the necessary interventions and collaborations.

Watch the video: (after 37:17).