School of Rural, Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering (SRSGE)


The GEO ENVI Lab covers the educational needs of SRSE at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the area of environmental management and protection.

Undergraduate Courses

Physical Geography and Environment (2nd semester – Compulsory)

Applications in Natural Resources Management (7th semester – Elective)

Environmental Impact (8th semester – Elective)

Environmental Planning (9th semester – Project course)

Environment and Development” (8th semester – Inter-departmental Elective)

Graduate Courses

It is an elective course that consists of two basic modules that are relevant and interconnected as they aim to inform and educate stakeholders on issues of protection and prevention of environmental impacts from human activities and interventions. The environment can be distinguished it into three large groups, sometimes independent and sometimes in a special mix: The Natural Environment, the Anthropogenic Environment and the Mixed Environment in all three groups human has historically intervened in a variety of ways in order to achieve the maximum possible return for his personal benefit. It has not always been effective in this endeavor. His lack of knowledge in the beginning and his greed afterwards have accumulated a multitude of negative effects that eventually lead to the destruction, alteration and change of the very resources that are a factor of his success and happiness in the final analysis.

Challenges of urban suburban space due to Climate Change (CA) impacts – Exacerbation of problems from the intensity of the effects of CA in the 21st century – Addressing the impacts of CA – Pursuing goals of sustainable urban/ suburban development.
New concepts and approaches of collective action in the urban/suburban area – Promotion of collaborative forms of planning and outline of spatial and other policies, with scope of urban and suburban space.

Diploma and Master Theses

Under the supervision of GEO ENVI Lab members diploma and graduate theses are elaborated in the area of management and protection of natural environment, adaption to climate change, environmental impact assessment usig with modern tools (LCA), management of natural resources, optimization of environmental systems, environmental design (Detailed list is available in greek)