School of Rural, Surveying & Geoinformatics Engineering (SRSGE)


The research activity of the PHYGEO_ENVI Lab is primarily in the area of:

  1. Environmental management focusing on the study of the environmental variables, their relationships and functions that take place in nature, the assessment and measurement of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of natural and anthropogenic variables (eg. Soil, water, air, landscape, cultural resources, infrastructures, networks) and their distribution in the physical environment, the causes that generate these distributions, their carrying capacity as well as human interventions and effects.
  2. the methodological development of environmental policy instruments with emphasis in the relationship of environmental variables
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment with emphasis on quantifying and measuring the impacts on the natural and human environment of projects, programs, plans and policies and the development of standards for environmental studies
  4. to develop methodologies optimization with emphasis on solving environmental problems and design development policies.
  5. to study the impact of climate change in urban areas with a focus on designing environmentally friendly solutions / interventions environment (public spaces, green areas) which will contribute to the adaptation of urban climate change and increase the city’s resilience implications.